What Is Aqar?

How do I raise my NAAC score?

How Can You Improve Your NAAC Ranking?Realize their achievements.Analyze the internal work challenges.Work for continuous progress & quality education..

How is NAAC grade calculated?

The sum of the seven CrWGP divided by the sum of the pre assigned weightages of the seven criteria will result in Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of the institution. … So that is how the NAAC calculates the final CGPA and arrive at the decision of whether or not to give accreditation for the institution.

What is the eligibility criteria of NAAC?

The two primary eligibility criteria for institutions to apply for NAAC Accreditation are: The Institution must have at least two batches of graduated students. The age of the Institution must be 6 years or above.

What is the CGPA of A ++ grade in NAAC process *?

Assessment OutcomeRange of institutional Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA)Letter GradeStatus3.51 – 4.00A++Accredited3.26 – 3.50A+Accredited3.01 – 3.25AAccredited2.76 – 3.00B++Accredited4 more rows•Jan 29, 2018

Who can be a member of Iqac?

The IQAC may be constituted in every institution under the chairmanship of head of the institution with heads of important academic and administrative units and a few teachers and a few distinguished educationists/ representatives of local committee. The composition of the IQAC may be as follows: 1.

Is NAAC a grade good?

Institutes that are graded less than or equal to 1.50 will be marked ‘D’, which means the NAAC has deemed them not accredited. In the original system, the four letter-grades corresponded to ‘very good’, ‘good’, ‘satisfactory’ or ‘unsatisfactory’.

What is the highest NAAC grade?

NAAC Grading SystemCGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average)GradeStatus3.51 – 4.00A++Accredited3.26 – 3.50A+Accredited3.01 – 3.25AAccredited2.76 – 3.00B++Accredited4 more rows•Jun 19, 2020

What is the full form of IIQA?

Institutional Information for Quality Assessment(IIQA)

Is Aqar submission mandatory for first cycle?

AQAR submission is mandatory for all Accredited Institutions. It is one of the Eligible criteria for Reaccreditation. If the institution has not submitted earlier AQAR, it needs to submit before filling up the IIQA or at least before submission of RAR report to NAAC.

What is meant by Iqac?

The establishment of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) by accredited institutions (after the first cycle) is a major step in pushing long-term quality standards. IQAC in any institution is a significant administrative body responsible for all quality matters.

How long is the NAAC accreditation valid?

FIVE / SEVEN yearsThe accreditation status awarded by NAAC is valid for a period of FIVE / SEVEN years as communicated in the Certificates issued.

Who is the chairperson of Iqac *?

A. B. MaityDirector – Chairman/IQAC Principal – Member Prof. A. B. Maity.

Which is better NAAC or UGC?

UGC is University Grants Commission whereas NAAC is National Assessment and Accreditation Council. UGC approves a College or University whereas NAAC accredits the programs offered in the University or institute. NAAC is an accreditation body, which comes under the University Grants Commission of India.

What are the objectives of NAAC?

To encourage self-evaluation, accountability, autonomy and innovations in higher education; To undertake quality-related research studies, consultancy and training programmes, and • To collaborate with other stakeholders of higher education for quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance.

What is Hei in NAAC process *?

The NAAC accreditation process begins right here with the Higher Education Institution (HEI) completing its registration on the NAAC website. As a first step, the HEI fills in the registration form, but with a valid AISHE reference code. This is more like building a profile of the institution.

Which is are core values of NAAC?

To promote the following core values among the HEIs of the country: Contributing to National Development. Fostering Global Competencies among Students. Inculcating a Value System among Students.

Who works as a chairperson of Iqac?

Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)ChairmanVice-Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi UniversityDirectorProf. Rama Chandra Parida, Department of Commerce, RGUMembers :ProfessorsProf. Utpal Bhattachajee, Department of CSE, RGUProf.Sanjeev Kumar, Department of Physics, RGU14 more rows

How do I prepare for NAAC?

Institutions should follow the guidelines provided by NAAC while preparing the SSR and ensure that it contains the following:Evidence of contributing into the core values.Evidence of building from the strengths identified by the institution.Action taken to rectify the deficiencies recognized by the institution.More items…•