Which Of The Two Microbes From Your Group Was More Sensitive To The Effect Of Lysozyme What Is The Basis Of Your Conclusion?

What is lysozyme quizlet?


an enzyme found in body fluids that is capable of breaking down the cell walls of gram positive bacteria and a few gran negative bacteria.


a group of proteins found in normal serum that are involved in enhancing phagocytosis and lysis of bacteria..

How does penicillin kill some bacteria?

Penicillin kills bacteria by inhibiting the proteins which cross-link peptidoglycans in the cell wall (Figure 8). When a bacterium divides in the presence of penicillin, it cannot fill in the “holes” left in its cell wall.

What is a lysozyme how does it destroy certain bacteria?

Lysozyme works by destroying the protective cell wall of bacteria. The cell wall is the outer covering of a bacterial cell. … Lysozyme is more effective against gram-positive bacteria than gram-negative bacteria because gram-positive bacteria contain far more peptidoglycans in their cell wall.

Why is lysozyme not toxic to human cells?

What is the target of lysozyme on bacterial cells? … Why is lysozyme not toxic to human cells? Lysozyme is not toxic to human cells because human cells do not have a peptidoglycan layer. Which class of microbes (gram-positive or gram-negative) are more sensitive to lysozyme and why?

What effect does lysozyme have on bacteria quizlet?

Lysozyme protects our eyes from infection bc the bacteria that try to establish infection undergo lysis from the lysozyme in tears.

Which class of microbes Gram positive or Gram negative are more sensitive to lysozyme and why?

Gram-positive bacteria are more susceptible to the action of lysozyme because their cell wall contains up to 90% peptidoglycan, whereas Gram-negative bacteria are more resistant because of the smaller amount of peptidoglycan in their cell wall.

Can lysozyme kill virus?

According to Helal R, et al., lysozyme has other properties aside immunity; it acts against viruses, inflammation and cancer.

What is the role of lysozyme?

Lysozyme is a naturally occurring enzyme found in bodily secretions such as tears, saliva, and milk. It functions as an antimicrobial agent by cleaving the peptidoglycan component of bacterial cell walls, which leads to cell death.